With a Name Like Chic-A-Roos…

I’m going to attempt a product review at least once a week. There are so many great (and not so great) options out there that I don’t mind being the one who will figure out which is which. 😉 If you have a certain item you’d like me to put to the test, follow me on Twitter and let me know!

This week’s product review is from the Cluckphrey collection. I love the ease of just pulling something out of the freezer, throwing it in the oven, and nomming on down to something tasty. Sadly, many of the nuggets out there these days aren’t Vegan (I truly wish Quorn would get with it!) but these outshine the vegetarian versions I used to nosh on before going Vegan. I cooked them much longer than the instructions suggested because I like a little crunch in my breading and because I was a little confused as the nuggets don’t “brown” like I would have expected (you can see this in the picture below). The Chic-A-Roos had a nice “meaty” texture and deliver a really good taste.

There’s enough for a meal and a small snack or a couple small snacks. If you just don’t feel like cooking or just want something to nibble on, grab some BBQ sauce and get dipping!


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One response to “With a Name Like Chic-A-Roos…

  1. Those nuggets are nomzorz! Vair good review 🙂 You should try contacting them to get some free stuff. I bet they will send you something or give you a coupon for something free!

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