Maxwell and the Maple Leaf Cookies

Having lived in one of the most Vegan friendly places on Earth for two years (Hey, hey Eugene, Oregon!), I really didn’t oooo and ahhhh over Trader Joe’s like so many people I knew. There were several little local grocers that carried everything my little Vegan heart desired and then some. Having lived in three places since then, I’ve come to appreciate those places in a way I didn’t when I had them a bike ride’s distance from my little apartment. (Hats off to Sundance, I miss you!).

Now living once again in the desert, this time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’ve actually discovered what people were ooooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing about in their testaments about Trader Joe’s. Good cats, people, this place rocks my colorful non-wool socks right off! So many new and delicious Vegan options (I’m having a love affair with their edamame hummus) and my new favorite grocery store by far. (So I’m late to this game, sue me.)

I love that I’m able to get fresh, organic fruit and in the same basket fill up on amazing snack foods. (My snack cabinet at home is pretty impressive now that I’ve discovered TJ’s!). This brings me to the point of this post as I have found some of the most AMAZING cookies that have ever crossed my lips. I’m serious. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, get your Chuck Taylors on right this minute because you are going to want some of their Maple Leaf Cookies stat. The box describes them as “two flavorful leaf-shaped cookies that provide the necessary crunch and contrast tastefully with the luscious maple creme filling” and man they aren’t lying.

Luscious INDEED.

Maxwell and Maple Leaf Cookies. Both are amazing.

So go get these. Now. Make sure you grab more than one box because these things are simple incredible. Trust me on this one.




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4 responses to “Maxwell and the Maple Leaf Cookies

  1. I love TJ’s now!!

    You are right, it was so much different in Eugene where there were all the other stores (some a bike ride away) that had all of the things a Vegan’s heart could desire.

    Maxwell is the handsome stone!!

  2. I wish we had Trader Joe’s here, those cookies sound great! And Maxwell is a gorgeous cat!

  3. I looooove those cookies! A friend fed them to me when I was getting tattooed & it was the best ever!

  4. I am so jealous of TJ food finds! There is only 1 in Manhattan and the line pretty much outlines all of the aisles/the store!

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