20 Carrots – Take a Left in Albuquerque

After living in Albuquerque for nearly 7 months now, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t tried nearly enough Vegan fare in my new-to-me city. So with a few days off with nothing on my calendar, it was high time I took my behind down to 20 Carrots.

I was excited to see that their menu has a number of obvious Vegan goodies and a note on the front that said to ask them about any item as they could easily make any of them Vegan. Score.

The leisurely lunch started off with a smoothie. They had a number of choices but it seemed like a no-brainer to go for the peanut butter, banana, chocolate option. This yummy little number reminded me of a similar drink I used to get at Laid Back Larry’s in Kanab, Utah when I used to live there. *slurp*

Again, there were many options for the entree but both my sweetie and I decided to go for the BBQ Tempeh sammie with a side of corn chips and the roasted corn salad. It was served all warm and toasty, just like a sammich should be.

This Vegan-in-the-making seemed pretty happy about his choice.

Sadly, neither of us left room for dessert. 😦 No worries, that’s just another reason to go back again!

Overall, I’m giving 20 Carrots 4 out of 5 meows for their yummo food.  It was also a nice bonus to find Primal Strips (oh how I love the Texas BBQ) and ABC cookies available at the counter to go. Oh, and the couple who run the cute little diner were just adorable, too!

Next time I’m thinking brunch. Meow.


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  1. Yum, the sandwich looks awesome!

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