Amy’s Macaroni and Cheeze

I am in complete love with a frozen dinner. You read right, I did indeed say a frozen dinner. I never thought I’d utter the words “love” and “frozen dinner” in the same sentence but never say never, my friends, because I am indeed head over heels in love with Amy’s Rice Macaroni and Cheeze. This stuff is simply amazing!


Take a good look at the picture on the box because that is truly what this yummy dish looks like after it has been prepared. Warm, creamy, and downright cheesy! It’s made with Daiya cheddar cheese (that yummy stuff is a post for another time, but soon!) and could easily fool anyone into believing that it’s actually dairy by its look and taste. I actually got some raised eyebrows at work while I was warming this up today. The looks that said “Hey, isn’t that girl a Vegan?!” Someone even marched over, picked up and box and started reading ingredients. 😉

So if you ever take any recommendation from me, please take this one: Go out and get some of this NOW! It’s super noms and you will not regret it. Oh, and extra special love to my pal, Keri, over at I Eat Trees for introducing me to this tasty little number. Keri, you are in the running as my new BFF for this. 😉



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9 responses to “Amy’s Macaroni and Cheeze

  1. Mmmm… this stuff is SO good. Who else is in the running? Let me know so I can beat them up. 😉

  2. I need to try this mac and cheese already! I love daiya so much, so I know I am going to love this as well. 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to pick some up. I love Amy’s meals, and I’ve been wanting to try it!

  4. I believe we live in the same town, so WHERE did you find this?!?

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