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Yours Truly by Tofutti

I’ve yet to find an item that Tofutti makes that I don’t like and was really excited to find these not too long ago.


While a lot of parts of the country are already cooling down and autumn has made itself very apparent, not so here in New Mexico. On a day like today where it’s still in the 90s, it’s great to have a cool ice cream treat like this one.


The chocolate on this cone has a great taste and the ice cream is just perfect. I think my only complaint is that the cone wasn’t as crunchy as I would like (and in some cases, outright soft and chewy instead) but overall, if you are looking for a something reminiscent of a “nutty buddy” this is close enough to do the trick.

What’s your favorite frozen treat?



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Chickpea Cutlets

It had been awhile since I’d nommed on one of my favorite Veganomicon recipes, chickpea cutlets, and thought it was high time I remedy that little issue. I’d been going on about how tasty they were to Kit Kat, so I was determined to whip up an extra yummy batch so as to not disappoint.

I can’t lie, I actually had never made them myself so, in hindsight, I would probably do a few things differently but, nonetheless, the experience was a good one. Well, it was good AFTER we managed to open the can of chickpeas. (I had forgotten we had given our can opener back to its original owner. D’oh!). Did that stop me? No way! I wanted my cutlets and I wanted them bad.

A can opener was purchased the next day.

The work paid off though because tasty chickpea cutlets were the end result. I think next time I’ll try pan frying them, but baking them was a great way to go, too. Served Midwest style with potatoes and corn!

Looks like Bob Evans, no?

I like to top mine with A1 sauce but that’s just because I like the tangy taste. Down the road I’d also like to top these with a white gravy. Me thinks that could be tops.

Lessons learned here:

  1. If you don’t have the Veganomicon, this recipe is worth the price of admission alone.
  2. Never, ever be without a can opener.
  3. Vegan food is yummy (but we already knew that).  😀


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Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza

I heard the rumors about a frozen pizza that pairs yummy Tofurky pepperoni with the even more yummy Daiya cheese. These rumors became fact as I was searching for something else entirely in the freezer cases on our weekly grocery shopping outing. I gasped, smiled, and I think maybe even clapped when I saw box on the shelf that promised to give me what I’d been missing for so long: the cheap (but tasty) frozen pizza experience.

While I was taking pictures of the box at home, Mawell decided the picture would be much better with him in it (of course).

"Hand me a slice, ma, and make mine with extra tuna."

So let me first say that this pizza did deliver on what I was hoping it would: it is indeed a cheap (but yummy) tasting frozen pizza. It will by no means take the place of the homemade pies we can make on our own. This is a nice, fast, lazy solution to a pizza craving, late night snacking, and after the bar sort of food. Having said that, it’s pretty good for what it is. The cheese does indeed melt (thank you, Daiya!) and the Tofurky is a nice pepperoni taste. My complaints, though, would be that there wasn’t enough cheese and that there was too much pepperoni (and it seemed to dry out a bit in cooking). Make no mistake, though, I’ll definitely keep on of these on hand to nosh when I just don’t feel like getting out the pizza stone.

It's not delivery, it's Tofurky.

Oh, and while I say cheap, let me make a note that at $8.99, this doesn’t equal cheap at checkout. They have 2 other varieties including a cheese only and also an italian sausage and fire roasted veggie version. I think in the future I’ll just buy cheese so I can throw on my own toppings. Overall, would I do this again? Oh yes.


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Super Easy Fruit Dip

For some reason I keep buying silken tofu and forgetting what recipe I was going to use it for in the first place. (Don’t get me started on how I went to buy some today but needed FIRM silken tofu, not just silken, gads!) Anyway, sadly, more than one package has gotten the toss since I’d been so lazy in the kitchen. I just couldn’t see another package go to waste, however, and found this super duper easy as can be recipe for fruit dip in La Dolce Vegan. Yeah, it’s kind of my favorite cookbook at the mo’. Anyway, all you need is a package of silken tofu, some maple syrup, and some cinnamon and you have a yummy fruit dip in seconds. Yes, just like that!

Smooth, creamy, and tasty. Mmmmmm.


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