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Baby Bath Time

Yes, it’s been awhile. This gal had something baking in my own personal oven that had put blogging projects on hold. My little bundle was born three weeks ago today (Happy 3 Week Birthday, Little Man!) and will surely give me plenty of things to blog about going forward.

Not too long ago, my pal at I Eat Trees wrote about her own little man not feeling well so she found a great bubble bath by California Baby to soothe him. I was excited to find a shampoo and bodywash by the same company to bathe our boy for the first time (and more since then!), too.

Hooray for cruelty free baby products!

As you can see, he sure enjoyed getting all sudsy!

Ooooo yes, this shampoo is wonderful on my hair!

It was a nice, gentle bodywash that left him smelling good (that might have just been his natural new baby scent, though) and his skin nice and soft.

Do you have a favorite baby product that you would recommend this new momma?


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