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Chickpea Cutlets

It had been awhile since I’d nommed on one of my favorite Veganomicon recipes, chickpea cutlets, and thought it was high time I remedy that little issue. I’d been going on about how tasty they were to Kit Kat, so I was determined to whip up an extra yummy batch so as to not disappoint.

I can’t lie, I actually had never made them myself so, in hindsight, I would probably do a few things differently but, nonetheless, the experience was a good one. Well, it was good AFTER we managed to open the can of chickpeas. (I had forgotten we had given our can opener back to its original owner. D’oh!). Did that stop me? No way! I wanted my cutlets and I wanted them bad.

A can opener was purchased the next day.

The work paid off though because tasty chickpea cutlets were the end result. I think next time I’ll try pan frying them, but baking them was a great way to go, too. Served Midwest style with potatoes and corn!

Looks like Bob Evans, no?

I like to top mine with A1 sauce but that’s just because I like the tangy taste. Down the road I’d also like to top these with a white gravy. Me thinks that could be tops.

Lessons learned here:

  1. If you don’t have the Veganomicon, this recipe is worth the price of admission alone.
  2. Never, ever be without a can opener.
  3. Vegan food is yummy (but we already knew that).  😀



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